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We have helped our clients remove questionable negative items including:
  • LATE PAYMENTS         

Welcome to THE CREDIT CLINIC, home of the most effective credit restoration company in the industry. Millions of Americans suffer from bad credit and it's the mission of our staff to help people remove questionable negative items from their credit files and to help repair and restore their credit. we are committed to helping people rebuild and re-establish their credit, and we will offer the same standards of excellence to you.

We encourage you to explore our website to obtain more detailed information about our innovative services, to learn why we are a leading firm in our business, to learn more about our 100% money back guarantee, to obtain all the answers to frequently ask questions, and to ultimately get started with our quick and easy credit repair services. We also highly encourage you to complete our FREE CONSULTATION FORM, so you can speak to one of our credit repair Consultants to learn more about our services.

Our dedicated team understand that good people can end up with bad credit. Our dedicated staff are qualified in the fields of credit repair accountancy and debt Law to help you find the ideal debt solution. You no longer have to accept a bad credit report or pay high interest rates, or be declined for credit. We are able to assist you in removing collections accounts, medical bills, repossessions, charge offs, or any other information from your credit bureaus.


Once you have signed up to our program we will start legal dispute process that very same day and we will continue to dispute and fight for your rights until all of the negative and incorrect information reported to the credit bureaus are deleted or corrected. The process will take from 30 to 90 days depending on the amount of negative or incorrect  credit reported to all 3 credit bureaus.

We have served over 200,000 clients since 2005, taking expert action on their credit that has led to the removal of thousands of questionable negative items from their credit report.


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